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Client Testimonials: Hear What Our Riders Have to Say

I've never had seat training as effective as the one from the 'Communicative Seat' course. This unique experience didn't happen in a typical barn setting but in a simulator studio that was both inviting and comfortable. The tools used, including a flexible chair and the simulator horse 'Pluto,' provided a novel approach to learning. Traditional seat training often made me tense as I tried to perfect my seat, but with 'Pluto,' the absence of a live horse under me allowed for a tension-free practice. 'Pluto' could simulate all gaits and transitions, putting me in command and delivering a remarkably authentic experience.

The biggest lessons for me were the importance of being aware of my movements and the power of releasing tension, particularly through focused breathing. The session was incredibly beneficial, and I'm eager to continue my training. - Simone Ertel

I recently completed two days of riding simulator training with Marcella Becker. I approached the experience with curiosity and was amazed at how Joker's Pluto accurately reflected my seat. Under the expert guidance of Marcella Becker Dressage, I gained a deeper awareness of my seat, learned to control it more precisely, and improved my movements as a result.

I'm excited to apply these new insights to my riding and am looking forward to more training sessions with Marcella. - Tamara Winterling

Participating in your Riding Simulator Studio course was a game-changer for me. I've developed a heightened awareness of the proper sitting posture, allowing me to connect with my horse more empathetically. Your words resonate with me during every ride, offering consistent guidance and support.

In the spirit of learning and growing: let's open our hearts!

Immense gratitude to you, Marcella, for everything. I'm excitedly looking forward to our next encounter.

Wibke Grubert

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