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  • EuroEquestrian Travel

  • Embark on a Transformative Equestrian Adventure in Germany.

    Set off on an unforgettable journey into the heart of Germany's equestrian heritage. This unique experience, featuring a 
    2-day Exclusive Rider Transformation Bootcamp

    is more than a trip – it's a transformative adventure set against the stunning backdrop of Germany's picturesque landscapes and historic sites.

    Connect with fellow horse enthusiasts and immerse yourself in a world where riding is not just a sport, but a deeply rooted cultural experience. Here, amidst the rich traditions and vibrant ambiance, you'll grow not only as a rider but also as an individual, forever touched by the spirit of this beautiful region.

    Embrace this extraordinary opportunity to blend equestrian excellence

    with cultural exploration.

    Itinerary: A Day-by-Day Breakdown
    July 7 - 16, 2024 

    Following CHIO Aachen
    Exclusively for only
    eight equestrian enthusiasts

    Day 1 July 7
    Welcome to Germany

    Your adventure starts the moment you land in the heart of Germany, to be precise, in Stuttgart. A transfer awaits you and will take you to your accommodation. Settle into our hand-picked hotel, where the area’s charm meets you. Unpack, unwind, and get ready to explore.

    Dive into the culinary wonders of Esslingen! Your first stop is an exploration of the city's mouth-watering local cuisine. From traditional Swabian specialties to modern German delights, your palate is in for a treat.

    As the evening unfolds, take a leisurely stroll through the vibrant city center. Immerse yourself in the culture and history. Witness the city's architectural marvels, from quaint cobblestone lanes to grand historical buildings.

    Get a good nights rest.

    Day 2 July 8

    Day One YOUR 2-Day Exclusive Rider Transformation *

    After a delicious breakfast at the hotel you will be driven to the studio where you will embrace a day of playful and insightful exploration.

    Our journey begins with a quest for 'neutral'—a state of balance, relaxation, and acute awareness. This initial focus is not just on riding, but on rediscovering yourself. We aim to peel away layers of tension, unlocking the freedom to move in perfect harmony with your horse's rhythms. Our aspiration for each participant: To cultivate a relationship with your horse that is lighter, more stable, and astonishingly agile.

    Morning Ritual: Flexchair Mobility Assessment

    Start your day with an innovative mobility assessment utilizing the Flexchair. This dynamic tool, linked to an interactive display, doesn't just assess; it enhances. Through engaging tasks, discover a newfound mobility. Experience how the Flexchair illuminates the interconnectedness of your body, emphasizing the pivotal role of breathing in achieving optimal alignment.

    Light lunch served

    Afternoon Insight: Joker’s Pluto Session

    Transition from the Flexchair to Joker’s Pluto, a state-of-the-art kinesthetic riding simulator. This session is designed to refine your body awareness, helping you to identify and release entrenched tensions. Joker's Pluto offers a unique opportunity to enhance your sensory perception, crucial for interpreting and responding to your horse's subtle cues.

    All-Day Engagement: Tailored Movement Exercises

    The day is punctuated with bespoke exercises—whether on the mat, in a chair, or through guided walking and standing activities. These exercises illuminate how every movement engages the entire body. Learn to harness this awareness, applying it to everyday movements, thereby laying the groundwork for your best rides.

    Conclude your day with an open evening, a time for personal reflection or leisure. This is your moment to relax, absorb the day's learning, and enjoy the serene surroundings..
    *weight restriction 220 l

    Day 3 July 9

    Day Two of YOUR 2-Day Exclusive Rider Transformation *


    After a delicious breakfast at the hotel you will be driven to the studio. During the morning session you will be mastering the art of of a balanced seat.

    One day 2 we delve deeper into refining a seat that not only invites but encourages your horse to engage fully, turning what you've learned into second nature.

    Morning Exploration: Balance and Grace

    We begin with playful experimentation on a gymnastic ball, paired with the Flexchair set to a lighter, more responsive mode. Here, your breath becomes a tool—not just for life, but for riding. As you inhale and exhale, find your spine lengthening, allowing you to gracefully navigate through the Flex Chair games with newfound ease. Joker’s Pluto awaits with a more elastic setting, challenging you to maintain balance and harmony through the bouncier simulation, further cementing your center of gravity.

    Light lunch served

    Afternoon Focus: The Foundation of Contact - Feet and Feel

    We turn our attention to the very foundation of your connection with the horse—your feet. This session is about amplification of sensation and intentional use of your feet and legs within the stirrups. This understanding is critical for developing the quiet, yet communicative legs that form the basis of a seat horses respond to with enthusiasm.In tandem, we'll explore the delicate yet profound connection to the horse’s mouth, born from a seat that's both well-organized and intuitive.

    Day-Long Emphasis: Integration and Alignment

    Throughout the day, targeted exercises will be interwoven into our program, focusing on shoulders, arms, and legs, ensuring that your body moves as one. Grounding and breathing exercises will also feature prominently, reinforcing the day's central theme.

    Our Vision for You
    Our aspiration is that you and your horse achieve that coveted triad of lightness, stability, and agility. It's this combination that brings us the profound joy of riding.These two days are more than just a clinic; they are the opening of a gateway, inviting you to continue on a journey of discovery and unity with your horse.
    *weight restriction 220

    We will wrap up the evening with a wonderful dinner at a local restaurant to discuss what we've learned and celebrate our wins.

    Day 4 July 10 

    Discovering the Timeless Charm of Schwäbisch Hall


    Kicking off with a good German breakfast, we dive into the charm of Schwäbisch Hall, a town where history and serenity intertwine. Our first stop is the vibrant Marktplatz, surrounded by historic facades and anchored by the majestic St. Michael's Church. As we wander, the old town's narrow lanes lead us past hidden courtyards and into boutique shops, each inviting a closer look and a moment to savor the local flavors.

    Our journey through Schwäbisch Hall's cultural heart takes us from the intriguing Hällisch-Fränkisches Museum to the contemporary Kunsthalle Würth, enriching our day with art and history. A leisurely stroll along the Kocher River offers a peaceful contrast, setting the scene for an evening of reflection. As night falls, we find ourselves enjoying a delightful dinner in a cozy spot with views of the river or the historic square, perfectly encapsulating our day of discovery in this enchanting German town.

    Day 5 July 11
    Castles, Cuisine, and Equestrian Charm

    After a traditional German breakfast, we will depart for Hohenzollern Castle. Your day begins with a journey into the past at the majestic Hohenzollern Castle. Perched atop a hill with breathtaking views, this castle isn't just a historical landmark; it's a fairy tale brought to life. Wander through the grand halls, admire centuries-old art, and feel the echoes of history around you.

    After exploring the castle, indulge in a delightful lunch at a local eatery nearby. Savor the flavors of regional cuisine that perfectly complement your morning of historical exploration.

    In the afternoon you will experience the pinnacle of equestrian shopping at Loesdau, Germany's number 1 tack store. Think Dover Saddlery on steroids. Enjoy a VIP tour which offers an impressive array of equestrian gear, apparel, and accessories. Immerse yourself in a shopper's paradise, where the finest quality and variety meet. Whether you're looking for riding equipment or stylish equestrian fashion, Loesdau has it all.

    Conclude your day with a sumptuous dinner at one of the many excellent restaurants in the area. Reflect on the day's adventures over a meal that perfectly captures the essence of German gastronomy, setting the stage for more exploration and excitement in the coming days.

    Day 6 July 12 
    Shopping in Stuttgart and an afternoon of Immersion in German Riding Culture

    After breakfast our itinerary takes us to the town of Stuttgart, for some shopping and exploration. After lunch we will drive to the Stuttgarter Reit-und Fahrverein - a traditional German riding club, offering a fascinating look into Germany's equestrian culture. The afternoon starts with a tour of the club's facilities, where we'll visit the barn and facilities.

    The highlight of our visit will be watching the club's vaulting team, showcasing the elegance and discipline of gymnastics on horseback. This experience provides insight into the skill and partnership between vaulters and their horses.

    Our evening concludes in the club's "Reiterklause", a warm and inviting space where we'll enjoy dinner while observing riding lessons in the large arena. This casual setting allows for an intimate view of the instruction and interaction in German equestrian training.

    Day 7 July 13 Lichtenstein-Altlichtenstein
    Castles to Cobblestones: A Day from Schloss Lichtenstein to Tübingen

    Following a delightful breakfast, our journey leads us to the enchanting Schloss Lichtenstein, often hailed as the "Fairy Tale Castle of Württemberg." Nestled atop a rocky cliff, this 19th-century marvel is a testament to the romanticism movement, offering breathtaking views and a rich history that captivates all who visit. As we explore the castle's interiors and surroundings, we'll delve into tales of knights, daring adventures, and the noble lineage that called this castle home. The architecture itself, with its towers reaching skyward and intricate decorations, transports us into a storybook setting, making it a highlight of our trip.

    From Schloss Lichtenstein, our adventure takes us to the historic town of Tübingen, a quintessential university town with a vibrant atmosphere and picturesque streets. Here, we'll stroll along the Neckar River, admire the colorful houses lining its banks, and explore the old town's narrow, cobblestone streets. Tübingen is renowned for its blend of medieval architecture and youthful energy, thanks to the university students who breathe life into the town. We'll have time to enjoy the local cafés, browse through quaint shops, and soak in the town's academic and cultural heritage.

    This day combines the allure of Germany's historical castles with the lively spirit of its university towns, creating a rich tapestry of experiences that showcase the country's past and present. Our return journey, filled with reflections on the day's discoveries, brings us back full circle, enriched by the beauty and stories of Württemberg.

    Day 8 July 14

    Marbach Stud Farm Excursion and Evening in Kirchheim/Teck

    Start your day with a delightful breakfast, fueling up for an exciting journey ahead. Then, set off for the prestigious Marbach Stud Farm, a cornerstone of equestrian heritage. Prepare to be captivated by the beauty and history of one of Germany's most renowned horse breeding centers. Marbach offers a fascinating glimpse into the world of horse breeding and training. Here, you'll explore sprawling grounds, meet magnificent horses, and learn about the farm's rich legacy in a VIP guided tour starting with a glass of Prosecco. It's an opportunity to witness first-hand the care, dedication, and expertise that goes into breeding some of the finest horses in the world.

    After your insightful tour, embark on a scenic drive to the picturesque town of Kirchheim/Teck. This charming locale offers a perfect blend of history and natural beauty, making it an ideal stop on your way back.

    Conclude your day with a visit to a local in restaurant Kirchheim/Teck. Here, indulge in regional culinary delights, savoring dishes that reflect the town's rich cultural heritage. It's a perfect setting for relaxing and reminiscing about the week's adventures.

    Day 9 July 15  

    Historical Castles, Old Town Wonders, and Culinary Delights


    After breakfast, we'll start off with a guided walking tour of Esslingen's Altstadt (Old Town), where cobbled streets and half-timbered houses create a storybook atmosphere. Afterwards we will visit the iconic Esslingen Burg (fortress), a historical gem that offers a glimpse into the region's rich past. Afterwards we'll had back to the hotel to pack up and get ready to conclude the day with a culinary adventure at one of Esslingen’s finest restaurants.Enjoy a meal that captures the essence of Baden-Württemberg's culinary delights, reflecting on the unforgettable experiences you have made.

    Day 10 July 16 

    Farewell and Departure from Stuttgart

    On your final day, after breakfast, a private transfer will take you to the Stuttgart airport, ready to return home. You'll carry with you not only the anticipation of trying out your new skills with your own horse but also the lasting memories made throughout this journey.

    I'm ready to learn more!

    Meet your expert guides who will guide you throughout the journey:

    Hi, I'm Sandy (actually Sandra), your German equestrian travel expert.

    As your guide for the 9 days, I bring a lifetime of equestrian experience, deeply rooted in my homeland of Germany. Having ridden since the age of 5, my journey has taken me across Germany and around the world, enriching my understanding of global equestrian cultures.

    My passion for horses and exploration has endowed me with a unique insight into my country's rich equestrian heritage. I've explored the subtleties of horsemanship and am excited to share these insights with you. From discovering hidden equestrian treasures in Germany to delving into its celebrated equestrian traditions and supporting you. through your rider transformation, I'm ready to enrich your journey with captivating stories and knowledge.

    Join me on this adventure, where learning, culture, and enjoyment merge, all through the lens of a native German equestrian enthusiast


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    What to expect during YOUR transformation! 


    Path to Lightness: Dr. Marcella Becker and Stefanie Diez guide you towards achieving effortless grace in your riding, enhancing harmony between you and your horse.

    Refine Your Seat: Learn to become a softer, more elegant rider and fine tune your seat.

    Mindfulness Mastery: Learn techniques to stay balanced and calm, syncing your mind and body.

    Deep Understanding: Gain comprehensive insights into the synergy of movement, enhancing communication with your horse.

    Body Awareness: Discover the secrets to a balanced seat, leveraging your natural strength to tackle common riding challenges with a smile.

    Kinesthetic Learning with Joker’s Pluto: Experience immediate improvements in posture and seat for lasting results with your own horse.

    Tension Release: Overcome the impact of past injuries and unlearn counterproductive habits with specialized movement exercises.

    Holistic Interaction: Master the art of minimal interference, utlizing your seat, legs, and hands to work in unison and create a dance of precision and grace. 

    Presence & Mindfulness: Bring a new found focus to your barn visits, transforming stress into serenity, regardless of your day.

    Mindful Riding Techniques: Integrate mindfulness into your riding with simple exercises, breaking free from frustrating cycles.

    Breathing & Visualization: Become the partner your horse deserves, using the power of breath and visualization to enhance your bond .

    What riders have to say!

    Meet Dr. Marcella Becker

    Dr. Marcella Becker is an experienced classical dressage instructor, trained by masters from prestigious schools, dedicated to enhancing the bond and communication between rider and horse. She's committed to ongoing education in equine and rider dynamics, specializing in cultivating a balanced and effective seat. Her studio offers a unique riding simulator for focused, immediate kinesthetic feedback, providing an accelerated learning experience for riders. Discover more at marcella-becker-dressur.de and follow on Facebook and Instagram at Marcella Becker Dressage.

    Meet Stefanie Diez

    With a seasoned background in equine therapy, Stefanie Diez has dedicated her career to the well-being and potential of horses. Her expertise expanded from teaching movement classes for children to developing specialized programs for adults and riders. Stefanie's comprehensive knowledge in seat training methodologies now complements Marcella Becker's courses, enriching riders' skills in seat enhancement and aid precision. They are collaboratively designing a suite of courses, each aimed at elevating distinct elements of the equestrian art. Learn more about Stefanie at stefaniediez-pferde.de.

    Meet Alex, your friend and supporter thoughout the entire journey. 

    Hi, I'm Alex, a Berlin native and lifelong equestrian enthusiast and have a deep passion for horses, travel, and enhancing riding skills. Growing up in the vibrant atmosphere of Berlin, my journey with horses started early, fostering a profound connection with these amazing animals. My approach to horsemanship is rooted in the harmony between rider and horse, emphasizing the importance of a well-developed seat as a key to effective communication.

    I'm looking forward to the experience of exploring my homeland with you, sharing its unique beauty and equestrian culture as we adventure together. It will be an adventure filled with the discovery of local traditions, breathtaking landscapes, and the distinct charm that Germany has to offer. 

    Join me for an enriching equestrian experience, where you'll not only refine your riding but also discover a deeper joy and connection with your horse!

    Your 10 day experience includes: 

  • 2 day Exclusive Rider Transformation Bootcamp with Dr. Marcella Becker & Stefanie Diez

  • 9 nights in a charming German hotel (single or double occupancy available)  

  • Breakfast buffet every morning

  • Light lunches on days of bootcamp 

  • Private transfers to and from airport

  • Private transfers to all venues

  • Exclusive Prosecco welcome at the historic stud farm Marbach with a private guided tour

  • Entrance to the historic Hohenzollern Castle


  • Entrance to the historic Burg Lichtenstein and Alt Lichtenstein


  • Visit to the Stuttgarter Reit-und Fahrverein for an emersive experience into the German riding culture 


  • Celebratory Dinner at a traditional Swabian restaurant after completion of your 2 day rider transformation

  • Private Shopping experience at Loesdau, Germany's #1 tack store

  • Two native speaking guides throughout the entire 9 days

  • Private Facebook community for continued support after the rider transformation bootcamp

  • Essential guidebook for your journey of transformation

  • Welcome gift upon arrival

  • Escorted private walking tour through Esslingen

  • BONUS surprise! 

  • Your Questions Answered (FAQ)

    What does the trip include and cost?

    The trip is all-inclusive, except for meals (unless stated) and airfare. We've taken care of all other essentials, leaving room for any personal extras or souvenirs you might wish to acquire.

    Single occupancy $4,897.00
    Inaugural Special $ 3,800.00

    Double occupancy $4,597.00
    Inaugural Special $ 3,600.00


    What if I have dietary restrictions?

    Exploring a new culture includes savoring its cuisine. We accommodate vegetarian options, but can't guarantee all dietary restrictions at every dining spot. If you have specific dietary needs, let us know, and we'll strive to find suitable options together!

    Do I need a passport?

    Ensure your passport is valid for travel; many countries require it to be valid for at least 6 months after your return to the USA. Passport renewals can take a while, so plan accordingly.

    Thinking of traveling solo?

    This is the place to do it. The trip is perfectly tailored for solo adventurers. We go the extra mile to ensure that you feel not just welcome but a cherished part of all activities and experiences. We believe it strikes the perfect balance between being part of an engaging community and having your personal space. You'll find yourself in a welcoming environment where individual needs for solitude and reflection are respected, ensuring a harmonious blend of group involvement and personal relaxation time, and maybe even meet your next best friend.

    What about a deposit?

    When you book, a 50% nonrefundable deposit is required. We can provide payment plans (which can be discussed on our call). Full payment must be completed 45 days before the retreat begins,

    What is the refund policy?

    We recognize that unexpected life events can disrupt travel plans. Due to the intricate planning and upfront costs involved in these events, we adhere to a strict no-refund policy, regardless of circumstances.

    To safeguard your investment, we recommend all participants purchase health and travel cancellation insurance. This ensures coverage in case an unforeseen issue like illness prevents you from attending the retreat.

    What can I expect?

    You can expect a blend of equestrian related tours (detailed description in outline above) suited to all skill levels, cultural excursions to local historic sites, and plenty of opportunities for relaxation and personal exploration. We balance the experience on the Joker Pluto with immersive cultural experiences and leisure time, ensuring a memorable and enriching journey.

    What airport is arrival/departure from?

    Stuttgart International Airport, Stuttgart (STR) is the  airport you will fly in/out of. A private transfer will pick you up and take you back.

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